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Principles of Leadership Excellence

Becoming an effective leader involves acquiring and honing a particular skill set. Successful managers understand leadership components and how to combine them in just the right way, and they practice what they’ve learned.

  • Overview


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    The Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series (PLX) is a 12-day comprehensive leadership development program. The goal of PLX is to provide you with opportunities to learn the skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed for effective, successful leadership.

    See the course descriptions in the Module Overviews section below.

  • Inside-Out Leadership Model

    Inside-Out Leadership Model

    Knowing that the most effective leaders have a clear understanding of themselves, our leadership model takes an inside-out approach.

    1. Reflect and learn about yourself.
    2. Learn to apply methods to your own work.
    3. Use your knowledge to connect with others and apply leadership principles within the context of your organization and the surrounding community.

    In this certificate series, you will build upon 18 leadership competencies. You will learn how to communicate well with your team and respond when challenges arise. And you will learn to make changes and adjustments so you don’t lose sight of your goals.

  • Learning


    This series is based on adult learning principles.

    • Interactive learning teaches you how to be a better leader through self-assessment, skill practice, group discussion, and application to your day-to-day work.
    • You’re encouraged to create connections with fellow participants between sessions - an online community life-line.
    • Engage with our instructors, who have real-world leadership experience in a variety of industries.

    MRA encourages you to take the series in sequence because skill sets in each session build upon what is learned in the previous session. Review each course description below in the Module Overviews.

  • Competencies


    1. Vision and Strategy
    2. Performance Management
    3. Managing Relationships
    4. Talent Management
    5. Ethics and Integrity
    6. Communication
    7. Innovation
    8. Political Savvy
    9. Team Building
    10. Diversity
    11. Adaptability and Agility
    12. Motivation
    13. Problem Solving
    14. Conflict Management
    15. Delegation
    16. Self-Assessment
    17. Trust and Authenticity
    18. Change Management
  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend

    This certificate benefits newly appointed supervisors, managers, and other professionals. Experienced supervisors who have not had formal management training, as well as staff with management potential who do not yet hold a leadership or management role, find this series invaluable.

    See the course descriptions in the Module Overviews below.

  • Coaching Guide

    Coaching Guide for Managers

    To help get the most out of this training experience for your employee, MRA offers a Manager Coaching Guide. This premier tool was designed to maximize your leaders' productivity and help their learning "stick". The coaching guide follows the classes in the series and includes an overview of what was covered in the class, as well as some coaching questions for discussion. We also offer a brief video that explains the best use of the guide. To order, contact Registrations at or 800.488.4845.

    PLX Coaching Guide

  • Schedule & Register

    Schedule & Register

    Schedules: 2020 and 2021

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    View the course descriptions in the Module Overviews section below.

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Module Overviews

Trust and Influence header
Trust and Influence
Leadership & Management & Supervision
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Communicating for Results header image
Communicating for Results
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Culture, Motivation Aligning Goals
Culture, Motivation, and Aligning Goals With Strategies
Organization Development
Strategic Planning
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Training, Delegating, Coaching and Managing Performance header image
Training, Delegating, Coaching, and Managing Performance
Performance Management
Talent Management
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Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict
Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict
Conflict Management
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Leading Change and Putting It All Together header image
Leading Change and Putting It All Together
Organization Development
Leadership & Management & Supervision
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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series Schedules:

2020 and 2021

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MRA used a variety of methods to deliver the material and keep it interesting. I loved how the instructors brought their real-world experiences to help support the material. PLX breaks down the various facets of leadership in ways I hadn’t considered and provides valuable tools to support each. I would recommend PLX to anyone in a leadership role, both new and old.

Tamara C. Bradley, Quality Engineer, EK Machine Co Inc.

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