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MRA Assessment Resources

Assessments provide powerful insight to help you build effective teams, select high-potential candidates, coach and develop leaders, and improve your corporate cultures.

What Assessments Measure

Assessments can measure sales and leadership skills, personality traits, behavioral style, thinking and reasoning skills, and occupational interests. Detailed, post-assessment reports enable you to make quick, informed decisions to manage talent.

Use MRA’s assessments throughout the employee life cycle.

  • Improve hiring decisions with skill and aptitude tests that assess job-related qualities.
  • Enhance employee development planning with DiSC style assessments, behavioral traits, and thinking and learning.
  • Increase leaders' self-awareness and build effective development plans with CheckPoint 360 assessments.
  • Use team assessments to build collaboration with your teams.

Assessments for Selection

Profile XT® Measures job-related qualities that make a person productive—thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.
Profiles Sales Assessment™ Pinpoints the factors that make your top producers successful. Helps identify sales candidates that already have the same attributes as your top sales people—thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.
eMaps On-demand, pre-hire assessment tool for testing basic skills, abilities, and aptitude for manufacturing, production, distribution, and support positions.
Step One Survey II® Assesses attitudes toward integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic.


Assessments for Development

CheckPoint 360 Assesses manager’s skill in 8 universal management competencies and 18 major skill groups with feedback from the manager’s leader, peers, direct reports, and others.
Profile XT® Identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for development in job-related qualities, such as thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.
Profiles Performance Indicator™ Identifies behavioral characteristics of productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork, problem solving, adapting to change, response to stress, and work motivation. Also focuses on team characteristics of control, social influence, patience, precision, ambition, positive expectancy, composure, analytical ability, results orientation, expressiveness, team player, and quality orientation.
Profiles Sales Assessment™ Identifies the factors that make your top producers successful and shows specifically where other sales people need coaching and training. These factors include thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.
DiSC® Communication Style Assessment and supplemental assessments Helps build better relationships within an organization, regardless of title or role. Participants will better understand and learn to work with the different styles of coworkers.
Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) Assesses an individual’s personality, ability to take in information, and organize the information to arrive at decisions. The MBTI can be used for individual or team development, leadership training, coaching, diversity and multicultural training, and career development.
Strong Interest Inventory Provides in-depth assessment of a person’s interests among a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities, and educational subjects.
Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ (SDIA) Provides insight into employees’ perspectives and perceptions of diversity and inclusion. It can be used for individuals, teams, or organizations to provide an initial benchmark, identify growth and training opportunities, and help in the planning of an organization’s D&I journey.


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