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Professional Roundtables

The professional roundtable season begins each September, but new participants are welcome to join throughout the season at a pro-rated amount.


We’re thinking about you and the many changes and challenges you are experiencing in your professional and personal lives due to COVID-19. We realize how important it is to connect with your peer network to share ideas and suggestions at this critical time. Beginning April 1, MRA’s Roundtables will temporarily move from in-person to virtual. Videoconferencing details will be provided to participants in the monthly meeting invitation.

View the 2020-2021 Professional Roundtable Groups:

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MRA Roundtables Provide Business & Career Benefits:

  • Gain professional knowledge and insight that benefits your organization.
  • Share current and trending best practices with your business peers.
  • Make better decisions and gain broader perspective.
  • Increase valuable networking relationships.
  • Accelerate your professional career development.
  • Accounts Payable

    This group of accounts payable managers, supervisors and practitioners meets quarterly in November, February, May, and August to share best practices and stay informed on current A/P issues, technology, and trends.

  • Customer Service

    As a customer service manager, you and your staff are on the front line of customer interactions every day. And those interactions not only define how customers view your organization but how they conduct business with you. Meet with a group of your peers to discuss issues and share best practices on topics such as managing difficult direct reports, key performance indicators, and how to motivate and engage staff.

  • Leadership Excellence

    Meet with supervisors and managers from various industries that lead people on a daily basis. Discuss topics that you deal with including leading change, having difficult conversations, turning strategy into action, and techniques for motivating those that you lead. Learn and share best practices with leaders just like you.

  • Learning and Development

    Learning and development managers and professionals meet to share experiences and learn how others are developing training programs that are generating measurable results.

  • Manufacturing Professionals

    Meet with general managers, owners, and others responsible for the daily operations of a manufacturing plant. Share stories and discuss topics that you deal with on a daily basis including employee safety, OSHA, and how to recruit and hire the best people for your organization. See best practices in action during an annual plant tour.

  • Payroll

    This group of Payroll managers, supervisors and practitioners meet quarterly to stay informed on current payroll issues and trends and to share best practices in a confidential environment.

  • Quality Professionals

    Join with your process improvement professional peers at this roundtable. Discuss relevant topics such as supplier impact on business, risk management and processes, best metrics/COQ, and future vision of quality departments.

  • Safety

    This roundtable meets every other month for a two hour discussion. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel when you cover requirements, culture, compliance and audits as they relate to environment, health and safety issues.

  • Sales Managers

    For two hours every other month, sales managers meet to discuss issues, challenges, and best practices. Topics include forecasting, prospecting, staffing, customer relations, team building, and performance management.

  • Technology Professionals

    IT professionals and managers meet with their peers to share best practices and stay informed on current IT issues and trends. Topics include training and certifications, Help Desk metrics, asset/inventory management, and mobile data security.

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