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Leadership & Management & Supervision

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In MN, this program is formerly known as Supervision Part I: Fundamentals of Leadership

There are many ways to transition from an individual contributor to a manager, but one thing is certain: New skills are required to be successful in the new role. Being in any leadership position requires you to be a communicator, motivator, problem solver, delegator, interviewer, coach and change agent all at once. Taught from an in-the-trenches perspective, this interactive course will give you practical, easy-to-use methods for handling everyday issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Balance the values of fair, firm and friendly to inspire staff to great outcomes.
  • Identify the value of informal leaders, and how they can either make or break team success.
  • Recognize the importance of relationships with both upper management and your employees.
  • Implement techniques to provide feedback and recognition.
  • Discover the levels of authority and how to use them to elevate others and yourself.
  • Determine good judgment and practices for delegation.
  • Identify your role in the interview, orientation, and performance review processes.
  • Identify people's motivational needs.
  • Introduce change and gain employee acceptance.

When you complete the entire program, you will receive a certificate recognizing your achievement.

Who Should Attend:

Newly promoted or soon-to-be promoted managers and supervisors. Experienced managers and supervisors who have not had formal supervisory training and want to enhance their skills.

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