Sensitivity Skills in a Diverse Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion

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It's no secret that companies hire employees for their skills and previous work experience. But all the amazing talents and experiences don't always provide a clear view of how that employee will engage with others in the organization. This program will help you form give-and-take relationships to enhance understanding and mutual respect, acknowledge the needs and feelings of others, and focus on the positive aspects of conflict and value differences.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the impact of actions upon others, the organization, and the individual.
  • Differentiate between behaviors that are appropriate or inappropriate and perhaps illegal.
  • Describe what constitutes cultural competence and cultural incompetence.
  • Use skills in communicating across cultures.
  • Identify action steps needed to value others in the workplace.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, supervisors, lead people, team leaders, employees, and other workplace professionals who have difficulty with the language they use and how they express themselves to others.


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