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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series

Regardless of what product or service your organization offers, as a leader you're in the people business big time. Success demands high-level communication skills. Talking, writing, texting, emailing, phoning, gesturing, and listening you swim every day in the ocean of communication. If those communication skills are poor, you're in the ocean with an anchor tied to your feet. In this module, you learn Olympic-sized techniques to strengthen your talent. Just like swimming, you analyze the strokes you currently use, discovering important aspects of your own communication style. You learn to adapt your personal communication to those whose style is different from yours and take out your earplugs to hone your listening skills. Your awareness and use of nonverbal communication will sharpen. After the module, you feel confident to win a gold medal in communication.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize elements that comprise nonverbal communication.
  • Apply the DiSC model to understand style differences, adapt your style, and improve your communication with others.
  • Demonstrate active listening and questioning techniques.
  • Use communication tools that minimize defensive responses from your work colleagues.
  • Construct "I" messages.
  • Demonstrate assertive communication skills.
  • Recognize generational differences and the impact of those differences on the work group.
  • Explain the impact of emotional intelligence on communication.
  • Examine appropriate and effective use of various modes of communication technology such as email, texts, and conference calls.
  • Identify options for remote communication and technology.

Who Should Attend:

New and experienced supervisors, managers, and professionals as well as for individuals with management potential looking for in-depth strategies with practical application.

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