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Benefit Communication Best Practices


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Employee Benefits Certificate Series

Strong and effective benefit communication can spark employees to become proactive participants while increasing their understanding of complex benefits and uplifting job satisfaction. Effective communication can also help control benefit costs to both employer and employees.

This course will help you:

  • Continually sell the value of benefits to your employees with a solid marketing plan.
  • Explore new delivery methods and make currently used methods most effective.
  • Use effective writing techniques to turn your employees into proactive participants.
  • Collect feedback from employees to benchmark their level of satisfaction with both the benefits and the program vendors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Organize targeted communications to market benefits throughout the year.
  • Design and write proactive benefit communication campaigns to build employee awareness and engagement.
  • Explore a variety of media and methods to engage to all employees.

Who Should Attend:

Administrators or specialists in benefits and human resources interested in improving employee perception of benefits programs, measuring employee satisfaction with the programs, and/or strengthening communication with employees about their benefits.

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