2018 National Executive Compensation Survey



2018 National Executive Compensation Survey
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The report contains National data covering base salary, cash bonus, other cash compensation, benefits, perks, and stock ownership for 47 executive level positions in:

  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • General Executive
  • Human Resources
  • International
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Sales & Marketing

An Employer Associations of America (EAA) survey.

Survey Features:

  • Data are collected on 47 positions
  • Report includes job descriptions
  • Reports on base salary increases, compensation plan strategies, and Board of Directors pay
  • Base Pay reported as Average, Median, and Interquartile Ranges

Line Breakout Summaries by:

  • Total Responses
  • Geographic Area by Employer Association
  • Company/Employer Size
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing/Non-Manufacturing- further broken down by region and sales volume
  • Annual Gross Sales/Revenue

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