MRA Edge October 2019 - Special Edition

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How do you give back at work? Maybe it’s volunteering your time on a committee or mentoring someone just starting out. Perhaps you want to get involved but just aren’t sure how. We all can find inspiration in these MRA member stories of service and the drive to do better. Whether it’s developing young adults in the workplace, striving for a healthier lifestyle with coworkers, supporting community engagement activities, making company culture a top priority, or employing adults with disabilities—whatever it is—know that every little bit of altruism your organization does helps the greater good of the communities we live in.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of the MRA Edge as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. It’s a good reminder that we really are all in this together. We’d love to hear from you about what your organization is doing to make an impact on your employees and your community! Drop a note to Lynell Meeth, Director, HR and Content Strategy at

MRA Edge October 2019 special edition