MRA Edge July/August 2019

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After facilitating many learning sessions over the years related to the topic of onboarding, one thing consistently crops up as being a deal-breaker for new hires: Make a great first impression. Sounds easy, right? So why is it that organizations act in ways that are the exact opposite? For example, leaving a new hire with a thick policies and procedures binder for a little “light reading” on day one. Or hearing the supervisor say, “No one told me you were starting today. What’s your name again?”

First impressions aren’t the only thing that matters. Our cover story dives into nine best practices that all organizations could and should be doing to make new employees feel welcome and prepared for success.

And remember, a great employee experience creates a great customer experience, which is critical for any business. Our Tips From the Trainer article tells you how.

MRA Edge July/August 2019