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It’s that time of year for resolutions. While you’re making personal resolutions for the new year, think about professional resolutions as well. Recruitment and retention continue to be hot topics these days. Attracting the right people to our job openings and keeping them once they’re on board is no longer about dollars alone. It’s about creating relationships that support the employee and build a climate for true engagement.

Here are some resolutions to consider as you start the new year:

  1. Find out what your employees are passionate about and seek ways to fuel that passion.
  2. Promote employee development. Whether it is in formal training or stretch projects, make sure that you are feeding their desire to learn and grow.
  3. Find ways to provide specific feedback to employees. Instead of a general comment like, “You did a great job,” try, “That was a great idea you had on that project and I appreciate how you took the initiative to implement it.”
  4. If they should miss the mark on a task or project, provide support and specific ways to improve the next time around. Let them know that you are on their side and want to help them be successful.

Hearing good things about you as a manager or about your organization being a great place to work positively influences job seekers and their interest in the jobs you need to fill.

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