COVID-19 Work-Relatedness Investigation Report

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OSHA guidance requires covered employers to conduct reasonable investigations into work-relatedness of an employee’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Therefore, if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, covered employers are expected to conduct a reasonable investigation by—

  • Asking how the employee believes he or she contracted the illness;
  • Discussing how the employee’s work and out-of-work activities may have led to the illness, and
  • Reviewing the work environment for potential circumstances of exposure. 

This sample report can be used to document the findings of the investigation and can be modified to fit the needs of the organization. Employers are strongly cautioned to respect an employee’s right to privacy regarding his or her medical condition. Employees are not required to describe their particular symptoms or otherwise reveal details not requested in this report. The completed report and all related information should be treated as confidential medical information.

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