2019 Holiday Practices Survey

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This annual survey report covers holiday practices regarding alternative work schedules, plant/company shutdowns, regularly scheduled holidays, and more.

A total of 984 organizations representing 1,230 reporting locations (i.e. units/divisions) participated across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Definitions of Terms

Regular Scheduled Holiday:

  • A holiday observed by the company

Floating Holiday:

  • A selected day off usually scheduled by an employee, but may be assigned to a specific date by the employer
  • It may be a substitute day taken when the employee is scheduled to work on a regular scheduled holiday
  • Prior notice and supervisory approval is usually obtained

Work Normal Schedule:

  • A day that is not an observed holiday for your company


  • For the companies that have not made a decision on how they are treating that day


  • A period of time when a plant/warehouse is temporarily closed for preventive maintenance or fiscal/calendar year-end
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