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Why Should I Care About Customer Service?

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You may think you don’t need customer service training because you do not directly deal with external customers but every employee is part of a customer service chain. Customer service is not a department. It is the responsibility of every employee within your organization and is earned by building positive relationships with customers and co-workers. This free webinar outlines how to create a customer-focused workplace where all employees deliver exceptional service.


Learning objectives:


  • Demonstrate how to overcome customer service barriers in your organization
  • Review 4 ways delivering exceptional service will increase your success
  • Identify ways to create a customer-focused workplace


**Special Note for FREE webinar event**

On the day of the live event, the meeting room will open 30 minutes prior to the event. Due to capacity, the first 100 participants to login will be admitted. After capacity is reached, any registered participants that are not admitted will be notified that we have reached capacity and will receive access to the webinar recording.

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