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Strategies for Leading a Culture Transformation in Your Organization - Webinar

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Successful organizations know that company culture can make or break your brand and reputation among customers and top talent. Culture impacts employee productivity, engagement, retention, along with bottom line profits and company success. Today’s diverse, multicultural, and multi-generational workforce continues to demand workplaces that are inclusive, welcoming, respectful, create a sense of belonging, and free from harassment. To help drive needed changes in behavior, attitude, or mindset shifts, culture transformation is the solution. In this session, Dr. Davis teaches several proven strategies on what is needed to implement a more comprehensive and robust culture transformation strategy to result in long term business success.  


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify critical, proven steps to culture transformation
  • Obtain commitment to this strategic imperative - an act of innovation and reinvention that will result in long term business success
  • Explore necessary systems to drive sustainable change


Dr. Shirley Davis

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