eMaps is the #1 on-demand prehire assessment tool for enterprises, small businesses, and startups.

Use eMaps for testing basic skills, abilities, and manufacturing aptitude. 46% of resumes contain some form of false information, according to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). eMaps help you cut through a stack of job applications to quickly identify candidates who will be actively engaged and eager to perform. The results are significant:

eMaps Chart

25% Faster cycle time
29% Less turnover
17% Fewer poor performers
13% More top performers

The high cost of a bad hire
Hiring mismatches can result in high turnover, absenteeism, higher healthcare costs, workplace violence and theft--substantial costs to an organization's bottom line and reputation. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, it can cost a whopping five times the annual salary to replace a bad hire.

Industry-leading skill and ability tests
eMaps uses industry-leading skill and ability tests, personality instruments, and structured interview tools to improve the success rate of hiring employees. Our job profile approach will recommend the best assessment batteries to qualify a candidate, or you can easily create your own assessment batteries. eMaps tests were designed specifically for business, not education or clinical use.

No monthly minimums
eMaps is incredibly affordable with no monthly fees or minimums. eMaps is your best insurance policy against making a bad hiring decision.

White Paper

The Business Value of Pre-Hire Assessments

A comprehensive report showing the high cost of making poor hiring decisions.

eMaps White Paper

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