Coaching Guides

How do you look at it an expense or an investment?

MRA’s Coaching Guides are designed to provide you, the manager/coach, with information and tools to ensure your staff gets the full benefit of the training class. This involves preparation and engaging with the training participant before, during, and after the class to maximize the learning transfer and the return on your investment.

  • Before Training

    Before Training

    Familiarize yourself on the upcoming session and have a meeting with the participant three days prior to the class to discuss what they’ll learn.

  • During Training

    During Training

    Make sure participants are not distracted during the training with workplace obligations and responsibilities that could interrupt the training classes.

  • After Training

    After Training

    Have a post-training conversations to discuss key takeaways and how newly acquired skills and knowledge can be applied to the job. Have ongoing conversations about using the skills and measure progress and results.

    MRA offers post-training coaching services to help participants apply to their job what they learned in the training program. Training provides the rationale, knowledge, and inspiration to change. Post-training coaching provides real-life application help and accountability over the weeks or months following the event.

  • Scheduled Training Coaching Guides

    Scheduled Training Coaching Guides

    Coaching Guides are available for Leadership Certificate Programs: Principles of Leadership ExcellenceFrontline Leadership, Leading Effective Teams, and Supervision Part I: Fundamentals of Leadership.

    Frontline Leadership Certificate Series Coaching Guide
    PLX Coaching Guide

    Cost: $75 per guide. Includes a brief video for managers to help them understand and maximize effectiveness of the Coaching Guides.

    Coaching Guide Brief Video

    To order, contact Registrations at or 800.488.4845. 

  • Onsite Training Coaching Guides

    Onsite Training Coaching Guides

    Guides are available for Principles of Leadership Excellence and Frontline Leadership training.

    Cost: $350 per day that the program runs. Includes one Coaching Guide per participant and an in-person session for managers to help them understand and maximize effectiveness of the Coaching Guides.

    To order, contact Registrations at or 800.488.4845.

In order to maximize the value of your investment, training participants should be prepared to learn, understand the concepts of what’s being taught and have the opportunity to practice and apply key learnings on the job immediately after the training is completed.

The Coaching Guide was great and helped guide the discussion between myself and the emerging leader. The conversations I had with the participants helped them with their career goals and provided them an opportunity to grow.

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