Heard it on the Hotline: Should Employers Reimburse Remote Workers for Technology Expenses?

July 09, 2020
MRA Edge
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Does my employer need to reimburse remote workers for technology expenses? If so, how much do employers typically reimburse?

Answer: Some states, including Iowa and Illinois, have laws that require employers to reimburse employees for reasonable and necessary expenses to perform their job. For remote workers, this can include costs such as cell phones, internet access, and other devices.

For those employers who are not required by law to reimburse employees, 19 percent still do, according to MRA’s Hot Topics Survey on Remote Work published in June 2020. The most common expenses that employers reimburse are cell phone expenses and internet service. The most popular form of reimbursement is paying a flat dollar amount per month.

Source: MRA - The Management Association

MRA Edge July/August 2020

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