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October 09, 2019
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Close your eyes and envision the inside of Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Think of it full of people, not an empty seat in the house. No, this isn’t a game night mental preview—it’s a visual for the 58,826 meals Bay View Industries won for people in the Milwaukee area. Actually, they fed about 16,000 more people than fit in that packed stadium.

How, you ask? By being healthy. And competitive.

Bay View Industries took part in Humana Healthcare’s Go365 National Step Tournament, a health and wellness contest that focuses on improving the fitness of employees across the country. The National Step Tournament is a step challenge (as in how many steps you take in a day) where employer groups compete for the highest team average step count. All winning teams receive meal donations to their local chapter of Feeding America in their name. In total, 172 organizations had donations made to the areas where they are located.

The participating companies competed by size, ranging from the small division with two to 99 employees, to the jumbo division with over 1,000 employees. Bay View Industries was in the medium division, with 100 to 299 employees. Over the course of three rounds, teams with the highest average step counts moved on to the next. The competition was held for three weeks in each month of September, October, and November 2018.

Competition and charity proved to be powerful motivators for the folks at Bay View Industries.

“We were all in from the beginning, for several reasons,” said Pete Meyer, who is an assembler at Bay View Industries.

“We are a competitive group by nature, so having a challenge was appealing to us, but much more than that, we thought it was a great way to help people in need and better ourselves in the process. We counted every step, in fact, after work we’d go home and get on the treadmill. Brian in maintenance even took his Fitbit deer hunting.”

Bay View Industries took first place for all the size divisions in the Go365 National Step Tournament. That’s nationwide! Their teams ranged from nine people to 11 people throughout the competition (with 11 being the maximum number a team could have), averaged 26,082 steps per person a day, with a mind-blowing combined 3,651,482 total steps taken. That added up to the 58,826 meals donated from Humana to Milwaukee’s branch of Feeding America in Bay View Industries’ name.

More Ways to Succeed

Competitors also benefited through a points program that could be added to their Go365 account. Points were awarded for being a part of the challenge—by logging daily step counts. But also, Humana awarded points to employees for having a healthy routine, like sleeping at least seven hours a night, having their blood pressure checked, seeing a medical doctor, ophthalmologist, and dentist for routine check-ups, getting their cholesterol levels tested, having yearly flu shots, and other health-related activities.

Once employees earned points, they could explore the Go365 virtual shopping mall, where their points were exchanged for items, like Fitbit activity trackers, Garmin devices, Amazon gift cards, and many other options.

“Go365 is an awesome program,” says Business Development Account Manager Elise Ciske. “There’s a lot to take advantage of. If you earn enough points for being healthy, your insurance premiums can even drop. It’s like you’re paying yourself to walk and take charge of your health.”

Would they do it again? Yes. Helping others is in the fabric of the company’s culture and the Go365 National Step Tournament brought the organization together for the greater good, which is right up their alley.

Bay View Industries is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of laminated components for the office furniture, hospitality, healthcare, and institutional markets. The family-owned company has been in business since 1946 and is headquartered in Oak Creek, WI.

By Sue Piette, Writer