Lessons from the Pandemic. Use What You’ve Learned.

July 10, 2020
Read time: 2 mins


Ah, 2020... The year that feels like a decade. So many changes, so many unsure moments, so many twists and turns. And now, with cases of COVID on the rise, we find ourselves again asking, “now what?”.

It's a good time to think about mid-March when this all began. We got through it once, if a lockdown happens again, we will power through again. But, let’s take what we’ve learned, (or what we should have learned), and put it to work for us now.

We asked around and here are three things people thought and learned about themselves during the last few months.

  • Let’s start with WFH. No, it’s not something your teenagers are texting each other, it’s Work From Home and it officially has its own acronym. Most of us were thrown into working from home and it took some time to figure out what worked and what did not. We found that getting up at the same time every day, taking a shower, getting dressing, having breakfast and logging in on time is good for the body and the mind. And while staying in PJs morning, noon and night was all the rage at first, by May that lost its luster.
  • Open-mindedness. It was hard to have an open mind when everything was closed. But it’s worth reminding ourselves that being open to new ways of doing things is, in fact, a good thing. And wow, there are many new ways of doing things... Mask or no mask? In-store shopping or home delivery? Spending time with family and friends in-person or on a Zoom call? Before shooting down an idea, open your mind to it, think about your options and figure out what’s best for you.
  • Plan B. Many people around the world were temporarily furloughed and sadly many were permanently laid off. Was one of them you? Or did you spend months worrying you’d be next? Now’s the time to think about what you’d do if COVID, round two, rears its ugly head and you are out of a job. Consider taking online classes or a certification program to make you more marketable. What about switching gears altogether and reinvent yourself? Have a plan to pivot, like so many have, to come out of this better than before.

We’ve all faced not knowing what to do at one time or another since the coronavirus brazenly entered the world, and that can feel scary. Let’s take what we’ve learned in those moments and use them moving forward so we can persevere past this pandemic.