What You Can Learn From Your Peers

July 10, 2019
Inside HR
Read time: 2 mins

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why should I be a part of a professional roundtable group?” We’re here to tell you there are many worthwhile reasons! Read on to learn about the benefits of being part of an MRA Roundtable. We bet you’ll be wondering why you haven’t joined one yet.

  • Learn from people who understand what you do. Roundtable members hear valuable insights and ideas while gaining perspective from a group of people who are in similar positions. Challenges are discussed and solutions are made. Instead of listening to one person, roundtable attendees get to hear from a dozen people who have been in their shoes.
  • Keep up with emerging trends. Learn about ideas in your field as they gain momentum and talk about what people are doing about them.
  • Be guided by top-notch facilitators. Our facilitators have years of experience being engaged listeners, having an unbiased perspective, instilling a collaborative spirit and conducting valuable, honest work-life discussions.
  • Enjoy a safe place. MRA roundtables are a confidential forum to talk about the specific experiences you face at your organization, both good and bad. This results in shared best practices you can take back to your business and apply right away.
  • Grow. Evolve as a professional while positively impacting your organization.
  • Find one that’s a great fit for what you do. MRA offers roundtables that focus on:
    • Executive and senior-level groups
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Customer Service
    • Manufacturing
    • Technology
    • Sales
    • Quality

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out more information and the full roundtable list on our website.

As we say at MRA, Hope to see you at the table!”

Source: Kimberly Kent-Slattery, Manager, Roundtables, MRA – The Management Association