Poll: Does Your Organization Provide Open Workspaces?

April 17, 2019
Inside HR
Productivity & Quality
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In our last edition of Inside HR, we asked organizations if they provide open workspaces. There was almost an even split between those who do and those that don’t with nearly forty-five percent of respondents indicating they implement open workspaces in a variety of ways.

Inside HR Poll response open workspaces

Of those with open workspaces, most offer it companywide, with the exception of C-suite, high level managers, attorneys, and HR. Some offer it to specific departments, such as operations, development, support or administrative staff, sales/service, engineering, finance, quality, purchasing, and customer service.

In addition, some organizations offer “pods” or areas for private/confidential conversations if needed or a space for employees to get away from their normal desks. Others offer open spaces for collaborative meetings, or offer shared workspaces and department groupings into “neighborhoods.”

There are debates about whether open workspaces deter or enhance productivity. Some may decide to move in this direction and change back if it isn’t successful. If your organization is considering a remodel or new move, weigh all the pros and cons of open workspaces (and get employee feedback!) before making a decision. 

Thank you to all who participated in our poll!