Poll: Does Your Organization Complete HR Compliance Forms such as ACA 1094/1095, Form 5500, or 1099/945 In-House?

November 13, 2019
Inside HR
Affordable Care Act (ACA)
HR Compliance
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In our last edition of Inside HR, we asked organizations if they complete HR compliance forms such as ACA 1094/1095, Form 5500, or 1099/945 in-house.

nov 2019 poll results

Nearly half of the respondents (43%) indicated they use a combination of in-house and vendor assistance. The remainder were almost evenly split between completing all forms in-house (31%) and having a third-party vendor complete the forms (26%).

Admittedly, forms and paperwork are not on the top of the list of most exciting HR tasks. However, they are necessary to stay compliant. Ensuring your outside vendors are responsive, helpful, and accurate are the keys to a good partnership.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our poll!