No Open Position? No Problem!

March 06, 2019
Inside HR
Recruiting & Hiring
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No Open Position? No Problem!

A recent global survey by Korn Ferry analyzed input from 600 talent acquisition professionals and found that current recruiting methods are drifting towards finding people with desirable skill sets, and not necessarily to fill a specific open position. In fact, 57 percent of those surveyed said that they have hired a candidate with particular abilities for a position that didn’t exist. Instead of recruiting, recruiters are finding themselves “talent scouting.”

Why? Certain trades’ future strategic business initiatives have recruiters on high alert. This strategy is being played out in the pharma and life sciences industries as well as organizations undergoing a digital transformation (that’s in many different fields). Tellingly, 77 percent of those surveyed said they are hiring for roles today that didn’t exist a year ago.

So what does this look like?

When people with a sought-after talent are found, they are brought into an organization that wasn’t particularly looking to hire. The new employee is put in a role to learn the business and sharpen his or her skills. Then, once a position becomes available, the perfect candidate is already in-house.

Speaking of in-house employees, 61 percent of the respondents claim to be upskilling internally compared to the 39 percent who say they are currently recruiting more from the outside.

What does this mean for recruiters? It’s a different way to look at the applicants and professionals they meet. Finding certain skill sets that fit the vision of what companies want to do in the future are becoming the new way to hire.